Kenya’s delay to ratify the CFA is hindering formation of the NRBC


Kenya’s delay to sign the Cooperative Framework is hindering the formation of the Nile River Basin Commission (NRBC), Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) Senior Economist and Monitoring and Evaluation specialist Emmanuel Chonza has said.

Speaking during a consultative meeting in Busia , Chonza said Kenya, Uganda and Burundi have not signed the CFA, thus contributing to the delay in the formation of the NB commission.

He said the agreement has been ratified by Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia, adding that no reasons have been given on why three other member countries have not signed the agreement.

The NBI has two tracks- political and technical tracks. Political track is headed by Ministers responsible for water affairs from the member states who are supposed to fast-track the ratification of the agreement.

” As centres we assist in generating benefits for the countries to realize the importance of cooperation hoping that countries are also fast tracking the ratification of the process so that the permanent commission is actualized soon.

Asked why Kenya has delayed to ratify the CFA, Chonza said they were in Nairobi recently where they were told the ratification process is at an advanced stage.

” We hope the next government will fast track the ratification of the CFA to pave way for the formation of the Nile Basin Commission,” he said.

The Nile River Basin Commission (NRBC) will be vested with legal personality as well as enhance Nile cooperation.

The NRBC will ensure that national development projects are coordinated with basin-wide development to achieve optimal use of the Basin’s resources and increase national benefits of regional cooperation.
Photo: NELSAP Senior Economist and Monitoring and Evaluation specialist Emmanuel Chonza in Busia .

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