Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

County Government of Busia

United For Development

Trade & Cooperatives

A. Vision
A leading department in the promotion of Trade, Cooperative movement and investment

B. Mission
To provide high quality services through efficient and effective coordination,
formulation, and implementation of policies and programs and create an enabling
environment that encourages investment while exploiting the cooperative movement.

C. Strategic Overview and Context for Budget Intervention
To efficiently and effectively deliver its services, the department has four directorates
namely: Trade, Cooperatives, Cooperative Enterprise Development Fund, and Weights
and Measures.
The department is mandated to department in promote trade and investments as well as
creates an enabling environment that promotes and encourages investment while
exploiting the cooperative movement
The overall objective of the directorate of trade is to promote self-reliance amongst the
citizens of Busia County, enhancement of business, job and wealth creation through
diversification, innovation, value addition, market linkages and trade infrastructural
Through the directorate of trade, the department oversees and promotes cross-border trade
through cross-border committees that were formed after establishment of Cross Border
Traders Association. This ensures seamless movement of goods and services across the
international border and across inter -county borders. It provides traders with requisite
trade information to facilitate business networks.
For FY 2018/19, the department undertook the construction of a modern market at Amoni
market in Teso North to improve the business environment. The refurbishment of other
markets is also being procured for Nambale, Matayos and Bunyala sub counties.
During the 2019/2020 financial year, the department will implement programmes
targeting co-operative growth, trade enhancement, industrialization and entrepreneurship
Further, the department will spearhead construction of market stalls across the county and
strengthening capacity of co-operatives to effectively discharge their mandate through
provision and promotion of savings and establishment of a fund to be accessed through
loans by registered co-operatives, associations and organized groups. This will support
and promote entrepreneurship, innovations, value addition and ultimately increasing
incomes across the county.
To undertake these programmes, the 2019/20- 2021/2022 MTEF estimates for the sector
are projected to be Ksh520, 288,404. For the FY 2019/20Ksh. 157,569,520 has been set
aside for the sector. For 2020/21 and 2021/22 the projections are Ksh 173,075,659 and
Ksh. 190,383,225 respectively

D. Programmes and their Objectives

CP 11: General Administration and Support services
To facilitate the implementation of programs within the department

CP 12: Trade Development and Investment
To promote growth of business enterprises

CP 13: Fair Trade Practices
To ensure conformity to legal Metrology requirements

CP 14 Cooperative Developments and Management
To establish a strong cooperative movement

CP 15: Other Projects
To ensure equitable distribution of resources across the county