Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

County Government of Busia

United For Development

Health & Sanitation

A. Vision
A healthy, productive and internationally competitive County

B. Mission
To build a progressive, sustainable, technologically-driven, evidence-based, and client-centered health system with the highest attainable standards of health at all levels of care in Busia County.

C. Performance Overview and Background for Programmes
The department comprises of three directorates namely: Administration and Support services, Curative Health Services and Preventive and Health Promotion Services.
As per its mandate, the department implements its mandate through the following programmes; preventive and Promotive, curative and rehabilitative services and general administration and support services
The departmental objectives in implementation of the programme takes cognizance of high quality of life as a pillar towards accelerating economic growth as envisioned in vision 2030 and in realization of fundamental human rights.
The department aims at achieving universal health coverage to ensure greater access to health coverage. This will be attained through establishing an efficient health system, access to essential medicine and technologies and adequate investment in human resource for health
In the FY 2018/19, the department managed to recruit an additional 133 staff, both on permanent and contract basis, enhancing staff establishment by an additional 11% thus further reducing the health worker – patient ratio for improved health outcomes. Assorted Medical and dental Equipment worth 18.1Million wasprocured and have been distributed to facilities across the county.
Drugs, Non pharmaceuticals, lab reagents, x-ray supplies worth an estimated 118 Million was procured and made accessible to facilities,however, this allocation was inadequate to fully meet the county’s commodity demand. A total 2064 Community Health volunteers were paid four months stipend amounting to Kshs. 16,432,000. With assistance from partners, sanitation marketing has led to improved sanitation facilities across the county by 35%. Through Global Fund, USAID and Ministry of Health, facilities have been adequately stocked with programme commodities (HIV, TB, and Malaria). Lower facilities received DANIDA and THS-UC funds amounting to Kshs. 42,700,000 for operation and maintenance and procurement of equipment.
In the FY 2019/2020, the Department will focus interventions towards achieving Universal Health Coverage through completion of the projects undertaken under the Kenya Devolution Support Programme. The department will also strengthen efforts on Preventive healthcare programmes, including HIV, TB control, Nutrition, Malaria, and more importantly, strengthening of level 1 activities through community health services by prioritising payment of Community Health Worker’s stipend as a driver for UHC.
Monitoring and evaluation is also prioritised to inform the department on programme implementation
To undertake these programmes, the 2019/20- 2021/2022 MTEF estimates for the sector are projected to be Ksh 6,201,868,428. For the FY 2019/20 Ksh.1, 866,998,523 have been set aside for the sector. For 2020/21 and 2021/22 the projections are Ksh 2,064,223,764 and Ksh. 2,270,646,141 respectively

D. Programme Objectives
General Administration and Support Services
To provide effective and efficient logistical support to improve on service delivery

Curative Health Services
To enhance access to basic medical healthcare services

Preventive and Promotive Health Services
To reduce the burden of disease, Injuries and mortality

Other Projects
To promote uniformity in development across the county