Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

County Government of Busia

United For Development

Education & Vocational Training

A. Vision
A globally competitive education, training and innovation for sustainable development

B. Mission
To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science,
technology, and innovation in sustainable socio-economic development process.

C. Performance Overview and Background for Programmes
The department comprises of two sections: Early Childhood Education and Vocational Training.
The Directorate of Early Childhood Development Education is mandated to undertake the
following tasks: supervision of ECDE curriculum implementation; assess growth;
monitoring and development of ECDE children; collect data for purposes of equitable
distribution of resources; capacity building of ECDE teachers and improving the physical
environment of the ECDE children through construction of classes and provision of
outdoor play equipment.
The Directorate of Vocational Training is mandated to undertake Management of
Vocational Training Centres through: development of policy guidelines; rules and
regulations; implementation of policies; implementation of programmes supported by
various development partners; supervision and management of vocational training centres
staff; implementation of Quality Assurance And Standards (QAS) recommendations and
promotion of ICT integration and youth innovations; management of instructors and
development of the human resource in the vocational centres.
The Vision 2030 and SDGs emphasize the need to equip the youth with competitive
employable Technical and Vocational Skills to make them and relevant to the job market
and to train youth to enable them cope with advances in technology, besides positively
moulding their character.
The main objective of providing the directorate is to ensure access, quality, relevance and
equity in vocational skills acquisition to the Kenyan Youth.
Development needs, Priorities and Strategies
Major strides have been made towards increasing access to education at all levels and
increasing enrollment rates in schools particularly for women and girls. The Department
of Education and Vocational Training proposed programmes are aimed at improving
basic literacy skills in a bid to achieve the Sustainable development goal of providing
quality education.
The department seeks to: provide adequate educational services through
infrastructural development; develop bills and policies on E.C.D.E & VTC; improve work
environment at ECDE centres through infrastructure development as well as enhance
stakeholder’s relationship for partnership on infrastructure development.
To continue improving access to quality early Childhood education, the department will
continue constructing additional ECDE classrooms. The target is to ensure that all centres
benefit from one classroom during implementation of phase one. Plans are also underway
to establish one ECDE Model Centre per Sub County.
Under vocational training, the department will ensure: prudent management of the
facilities by capacity building Board of Management (BOM) in all vocational Training
Centres to ensure that resources channeled to the VTCs are well utilized to improve the
quality of training.
The department will also provide Busia county Vocational Training Centres Support
Grant which will cater for Vote heads which are currently not addressed by the grant
from the National Government for efficient and effective management of centres.
Due to the increase in enrolment in Vocational Training Centres, the department will
improve infrastructure by constructing workshops, classrooms and administration blocks
in the centres.
Investment in Education is a necessary condition for development to be realized. In order
to provide equal opportunities to all students in Busia County to access quality education,
the department will continue investing in education by providing bursaries, scholarships
and other education benefits. This will eventually help in eradicating/ reducing poverty
index in the County.
The standard of education in Busia County is a matter of concern to all stakeholders, of
Key concern is the fact that for the last three year’s Busia County has not been able to
produce a student with a grade of A Plain in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary
Education (KCSE) among many other concerns facing the sector at all levels. It is for this
reason that the department intends to set up an education task force in collaboration with
the National Government to address these concerns.
To undertake these programmes, the 2019/20- 2021/2022 MTEF estimates for the sector
are projected to be Ksh 2,044,881,255. For the FY 2019/20 Ksh.606,410,271 has been set
aside for the sector. For 2020/21 and 2021/22 the projections are Ksh 684,986,490 and
Ksh. 753,485,139 respectively

D. Programme Objectives
General Administration and Support services
To facilitate the coordination of Education programmes within the department

Early Childhood Development Education (Basic Education)
To ensure all boys and girls below five years access quality ECDE Education

 Technical/Vocational Training Developments
Develop and promote quality and relevance in Technical and Vocational Training for
skills development.

Education Support
Provide Affordable and Quality Education and Training

Other Projects
To promote uniformity in development across the county