Bunyala Residents laud County Government over creation of waterways

Bunyala residents  have lauded Busia  County Government  for  creation of waterways which they said  has  helped  alleviate flood menace .
The  creation of waterways  through the  removal of  water hyacinth  has  helped  residents access  the adjoining highlands  which  ease,,” said  a coxswain   Francis  Ouma.
The residents  delivered  their  appreciation to  County Director of Public Administration Robert Muganda when  he made a tour of  Bunyala South Ward  on Tuesday to  inspect  County Government projects.
Area Ward Administrator   Athony Mainya   said    Busia Governor Sospeter  Ojaamong’s  administration  spent Sh 7million in the 2014/2015 financial year  to  open up seven waterways  They are  Ndekwe,  Sidokho,  Lulula,  Mabinju Sigomere, Nadekhe , Mbina and  Nakhaina.
Ouma said Sh5million has been set aside for  opening up five more waterways  in Bunyala South. ”  The County Government has also allocated  Sh2m  for purchase of a Water Ambulance  for emergency  cases by  Highland  residents.
The main challenge is the recurrence of the weed  which forces the county government to spend  a lot of money in daily maintenance.
Makhoma  residents have no electricity  although the main line  passes through the area.  To alleviate  the suffering the County Government has offered to purchase a transformer  worth Sh700,000.
At Runyu Primary School, Muganda  was moved  with  revelations by school  head  John Pande that there is no functional latrine. He appealed to the County Government to  help  construct at least a six hole pit latrine to   save the school from imminent closure by the  Public Health Officials.
Contractors  were cited as a bottleneck to the County Government’s efforts  to bring services closer to the people by failing to complete projects in designated  periods.
At Rukala it emerged that  construction of  a Box culvert  at Sidokho  to the tune of Sh3.8m  by GAPS  and Construction Company  has stalled after the contractor allegedly   abandoned site.
Sidokho backfilling by the same firm  totaling Sh3.5m  has also been abandoned.  Part of the work  has been  done. The current  foot bridge  linking  Rukala and  Runyu is worn out.
Muganda who was flanked by  Director of Communications  Winston  Wafula visited  Osieko dispensary. The Nurse in charge Nobra Mutuku said  drugs shortage  was not  in their  vocabulary.
She appealed for the completion of the   Laboratory to create room for storage of  drugs lest they miss fresh drugs supplies.

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