Busia medics issue alert as Hepatitis B wreaks havoc in Uganda


Busia County Health Authorities have issued an alert following concerns raised by Uganda health minister Dr Jane Aceng at the rate in which Hepatitis B is spreading in the neighbouring country.
Ugandan leading Newspaper the New Vision on Friday quoted Dr Aceng as saying that the incurable sexually transmitted disease is spreading across the country at alarming levels.
The minister said although the 2005 survey established that about 3.5million Ugandans had been infected with the disease, fresh reports received by the ministry from various parts of the country suggest that the disease is spreading like wild fire.
Busia County Director of Medical Services Dr Janerose Ambuchi said there was need for alert by Kenyans at the border in view of the manner in which the diseases is spreading in Uganda.
Dr Ambuchi said Kenyans who frequent Ugandan social joints should change their sexual behavior to avoid contacting the disease which is mostly spread through sexual intercourse.
” The disease is also spread when other body fluids infected with the virus enters the body of a person who is not infected. People can also be infected through mother-to-child during birth and sex with an infected partner.
I am appealing to the County Government to vaccinate health workers who are at great risk of contacting the scourge since they handle all caliber of patients,” she said.
Dr Ambuchi said one person receives three injections totaling Sh3,600. Afya House had rolled out the campaign some years back but not all health workers were vaccinated.
Parts of Eastern Uganda which have recorded high number of casualties includes Bukedea, Katakwi, Amuria and Serere.

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