No woman elected in 14 Busia Assembly committees


The two day election of  chairperson  and vice chairpersons of 14   Busia County Assembly  house committees ended on Friday with no woman elected to occupy any of the positions.

The assembly comprises 53 members,  18 being women. The male dominated house also made sure they have secured  seven  vice chairperson’s seats and allowing seven others to be occupied by women.

Nominated  MCA Angela Nafula Ongura was elected vice chairperson of the  high profile Planning, Trade, Tourism, Cooperative and  Industry  committee. Marachi West MCA John Okanga  was elected chairperson.

Angurai South  MCA Grace Olita  was elected vice chairperson  Culture Sports  and Social Services with Marachi Central MCA Patrick Obuya as chairman.  Zainabu Muyoti (nominated) is the vice chair of  Implementation Committee  with Namboboto/Nambuku MCA Vincent Olumbe as the chair.

Bwiri Ward MCA  Beatrice Kanoti was elected vice chairperson of  Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources with Angurai East Ward MCA Job Oteba as the chairperson. Nancy Okademi (nominated) is the vice chair of  Health and Sanitation with  Bukhayo West MCA Vincent Ojiambo as  chairman.

Novena Ndalilro (nominated) is the vice chair of Children, Early Childhood and Vocational Training  that is chaired by   Linus Asiba (Matayos  South Ward).  Halima Hussein is the  vice chair of  Delegated  County Legislation. Bunyala South MCA Casper Juma  is the chairperson.

Nangina Ward MCA John Obwogo is the chairman of the  Budget and Appropriation Committee with Malaba South MCA David Kokonya as  vice chairperson. Bunyala North MCA Fredrick Musirimba is the chairperson of the Finance Committee  with Ang’orom Ward MCA  James Ong’ole as  his vice.

Ageng’a  Nanguba MCA Evans Barasa  was elected chairperson of  Public Investment and Accounts Committee  with  David Luyembe ( Mayenje Ward) as vice chair. Milton Kassamani (Bukhayo Central Ward) is the chairperson  of Transport, Public Works and Disaster Management.  Moses Echopat (Amukura East MCA) is the vice chairperson.

Nambale Township Ward MCA Mwajuma Toloi was the only elected woman MCA who failed to secure a seat among the three elected.

Photos: MCA Angela Nafula Ongura while taking  her oath of office

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