One stop shop for Busia Revenue collectors


Busia Revenue Collectors will   operate in one banking hall   starting October 1  in order improve  service  delivery and  revenue collection, Chief Officer in the Officer of the Governor  Ezekiel Okwach  has said.

Speaking when he opened a  County Revenue  Enhancement  Strategy workshop  at Hotel Levantes in   Amagoro  on Tuesday, Okwach said   the County will hire a  banking hall in the short run before the construction of its own facility.

He  told the revenue officers from various departments   to profile  each sector of   revenue streams within their jurisdiction to ensure they are in database.

 Okwach told  the revenue staff  to   change Busia  County upside down  in terms of  development,  service delivery  and revenue collection  so as to sustain the  County Government.

” It is possible  that the County can delay to receive disbursements from the national government,  thus failing  to pay salaries for its staff . With  good revenue collection strategy the county can pay salaries from local revenue,” he said.

The CO  said  the Security Enforcement Officers  to be employed  by the County Government  will help support the staff in revenue collection, adding that the quest to improve revenue collection will bear fruits.

Photo: Chief Officer in the Office of the Governor  Ezekiel Okwach at Hotel Levantes in Amagoro on Tuesday.

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