Otuoma’s move to join Uhuru will have no impact- Busia Governor


Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has said that the move by his challenger in the Gubernatorial contest during the August 8 General elections Dr Paul Otuoma to join Jubilee ahead of the Presidential repeat polls will have no impact.

Ojaamong was responding to reports that Otuoma had ditched NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta over claims that Raila sidelined him.

“Politics is about fighting for the interest of your people and my supporters have said there is no need of backing Raila who has made us suffer a lot even after backing him in every election,” Otuoma said.

Ojaamong said the move by his opponent to rally his support behind Uhuru confirms his earlier assertion that Otuoma was a project of Jubilee and it has come to pass.

” Busia residents can now believe me because Otuoma left ODM but residents returned him to the Orange party. He has now fulfilled what he wanted to join Jubilee. We say bye until 2022 when the next elections will be held,” Ojaamong said.

The move some leaders from Western region to rally their support behind Uhuru’s re-election after meeting him at State House Nairobi was an exercise in futility, adding that it was driven by lust for money.

Ojaamong told Uhuru to tread carefully saying he might receive fewer votes in Western Kenyan compared to the ones he got during the August 8 general elections if he will rely on people who lost at the polls.

On service delivery, Ojaamong said he has had meetings with his officers in a bid to rectify on anomalies witnessed in his first term so that residents can get service the way it is needed.

” The election for Speaker is over. The assembly is now ready to execute its mandate. We shall co-operate to ensure service delivery is realized ” he said.

Photo: Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong

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