Busia traders in mixed reactions over plastic bags ban


Day two of  the plastic  bags ban by the  National  Environment  management Authority elicited mixed reactions among Busia traders on Tuesday with some backing the move while others calling for  more time before the ban could be effected.

Leading supermarkets  Tesia and Frank Matt  took  an early precautions to purchase synthetic bags  to cushion again the ban  by NEMA of the plastic bags.

Tesia manager  Joseph Mwaura  said they  were fully stocked  after purchasing  enough stock of  synthetic  packaging material from Kampala after failing to get a place to buy them in Kenya.

Like his Frank Matt  counterpart Nicodemus Ikoche, they  lauded NEMA for imposing a ban on plastic bags  saying   it will help conserve the environment which had been littered with plastic bags.

However, some customers complained that they were being charged on the synthetic bags  which  was additional costs they never anticipated. Others  complained  of incontinences of having  their goods packed in cartons.

A charcoal seller  Margaret Maiga said they are happy with the Government for imposing a ban on plastic bags. ” There is no cause for alarm  since our customers  will be served with sacks  whose cost  rangers from Sh10 to 30 depending on the quantity required,” she said.

The proprietor of Jamhuri Shop  which sells  synthetic bags   said the demand for the bags was picking up and hoped his business will start booming with time following the ban imposed  on the plastic bags.

A  boda boda operator  Henry Ogola  expressed fears of the imminent outbreak of cholera especially among  pineapple  consumers and urged Nema to  look for alternative  means before imposing total ban on plastic material.  Some customers  were using newspapers  to wrap  pilled pineapples which was unhygienic.

Mitumba seller  Faustin  Ngina  said they buy children’s clothes already wrapped in papers bags. ” If we  remove the polythene papers  they will be exposed to dust and  clients will refuse to buy them.  We need time to  adjust to the condition,” she said.

Shops which  used to sell bulk polythene papers remained  closed while hawkers specializing in the polythene bags were also conspicuously absent from the streets.

Photos:  Small scale traders at Soko Posta  in Busia  Town on Monday.

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