There is peace in Busia- County Commissioner


Busia County Commissioner  Michael Tialal has assured the business community that there is peace in the County after  the August 8th general elections.

Speaking after attending  Assumption of Office Committee meeting at the County Government offices in Busia Town on Tuesday , the County Commissioner thanked the people of Busia County for embracing peace.

”  There are no people bent on disrupting peace in the county.  People are going on with their businesses without interference from any quarters and we happy about it. We are also  alert  and want to ensure  that human life and property are protected.

I am appealing to the residents to  maintain that peace and continue with their businesses as usual. So far so good. We have no quarrels and want that spirit to continue. People to   embrace one another and work together irrespective of who won or lost.  Life must continue.

I want them to respect the constitution. In any competition there are winners and  losers.  We need  to accept that, but the constitution also allows any Kenyan a chance of disputing the results of the elections following the laid down mechanisms but not going to the streets and  destroying property,” he said.

Photo: Busia County Commissioner Michael Tialal addressing the press in Busia on Tuesday

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