IEBC warns voters on dangers of double voting


The Independent, Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has warned voters on the dangers of voting more than once during the August 8th general elections.

IEBC Teso voter educator Monica Emoit said the Biometric Voter Register will detect any attempts to vote twice with a voter who will be caught attempting to vote twice facing the full force of the law.

Addressing mourners during the burial of Peninah Chenje in Mwari village, Teso North on Saturday, Emoit also explained on unidentified voters.

” You have put you fingure on the bio metric data machine but your photo is not displayed and the machine rejects the fingure prints. What happens? When there is such a scenario, a voter will be required to fill statutory form 32A before being sworn in that those are the details unidentified voter will use to cast his or her votes using either an ID or passport.

What do you need to when you arrive at the polling station. Produce your ID. After that you put your fingure on the machine. It will display your photo and other details. You will then be given six ballot papers duly stamped by IEBC on the back. Never accept un-stamped ballot papers. Each paper has color similar to the ballot box,” she said, adding that the ballot paper should have only one mark which should not After be given the ballot papers ensure only one mark is found in the ballot box and it should not be marked outside the official marking space, or is unmarked.

Emoit said eligible voters are registered Kenyan voters, those in identified gazetted prisons and in the Diaspora, who will only be eligible to vote for the president. Those to be elected includes the President, National Assembly representative, Women representative, Senator, Governor and Member of the County Assembly.

Photos: Teso North IEBC voter educator Monica Emoit during the burial of Peninah Chenje in Mwari on Saturday.

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