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Photo: Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong hands over a copy of the agreement to REREC Manager Legal Services. Looking on are Public Works Executive Ekirapa Okwara and County Legal Attorney Anyara Emukule (second left)

Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi joins efforts with other leaders and residents of Elugulu Ward to install an electric poll.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has pledged to light up more villages in the county through the partnership with Rural Electrification and Renewable Corporation (REREC).

The County Government has committed Sh46.6million for phase two where 39 projects will be undertaken in different Wards across the county; in the shilling for shilling gesture, REREC has topped up with Sh35m to bring the total to Sh81.6m.

 “I am happy that enough material   have been assembled for phase one of the project which REREC delayed to start for eight months awaiting the inauguration of a new board,” he said.

REREC Chief Executive Officer Peter Mbugua said the Corporation will continue partnering with the County Government to expand rural electrification coverage across the county, noting that the pledge by the County to continue factoring in funds for the project annually will greatly expand power coverage.

Before the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the second phase, REREC toured two sites for the first phase in Marachi Central and Elugulu Wards where contractors were busy erecting poles.

He was accompanied by Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi, Public Works Executive Ekirapa Okwara and Chief Officer in charge of Energy Eng. Gilbert Oduory.

Assembly planning committee chairman Ekesa Kassaman and his Mayenje Ward counterpart to engage the locals on non-technical work instead of outsourcing them.

He said the County has less access to power; he thanked Members of the County Assembly for their contribution through the Ward Development Fund to expand rural electrification.

H.E Mulomi said delays in executing the projects could undermine project expansion which might discourage counties from doubling their contributions if delays persist.

The DG said few counties in the country are undertaking the project, thus the need to avail them with power, water and good roads to spur economic development.


  1. Electricity and Roads are key drivers of an economy. Indeed Busia County economy is set for an upward rise following the financial boost of Ksh. 46.6 million shillings (actual amount of Ksh. 81.2 million shillings).

    How I wish I knew specific villages that will benefit. I hail from Nasira village in Busibwabo Ward; Matayos Sub County. The village has for ever had a dream of hiving electricity connectivity. But; just like it is a dream; it has remained to be so to date. However with the REREC project; I, on behalf of the residents of Nasira village; am optimistic that; our dream will cease to be a dream but turned to reality.

    Our leaders, keep our hopes alive and together we will see Busia County grow into an economic giant in Kenya and the East African region since we have the potential!

  2. In 2013, I paid KPLC the requisite 35K for connection. To date (6 years on) I have NOT been connected.
    Whoever is concerned. ..Please do something !!

    1. What about lwero village in matayos. The village without electricity,Bridges and roads, why can’t do something coz it’s juz close to the town center

  3. what a bout MUSEUM AREA (village) Kakapel sub-location, Angurai South Ward, Teso North, over electricity and please check if the said VILLAGE is also benefiting with County services, because when it comes to roads are pathetic(poor/impassable Roads)

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