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The New ECDE classroom at Emagombe Primary School in Marachi Central ward.

Photo: Busia County Chief Officer in charge of ECDE Lydia Nabwire addressing parents and BOM members of Emagombe Primary School in Marachi Central Ward after handing over a new ECDE classroom to the school management.

Primary school heads have been put on notice against relocating Early Childhood Development Education Learners from classrooms constructed by the County Government.

The warning was sounded by the Chief Officer in charge of ECDE Lydia Nabwire while handing over the new ECDE classroom to Emagombe Primary School in Marachi Central Ward to the Board of Management.

“Out of the 10 schools I have visited across the county, the school heads have deliberately relocated ECDE learners in four schools and brought in KCPE candidates to occupy the classrooms; this is unacceptable and the practice should come to an end,” she said.

She said the department is planning to ensure that more ECDE classrooms are constructed to provide ECDE learners with good learning environment, adding that ECDE teachers who were on contract will be employed on permanent and pensionable basis.

She warned schools which have a habit of allocating ECDE classes to other pupils like class eight and asked them to respect the children and allow them to use their own classes. She also urged the MCAS’ to consider completing stalled classes before starting new projects.

The Chief Officer thanked Malareva contractors for living up to their promise and completing the stalled project as per the agreement reached in April with the County Government to return to the site and finish the work.

She said that the ECDE Class will be provided with charts to make the learning process interesting for the small children and provision of chalks and rulers to enable the teachers to teach effectively.


  1. Very spot on Madam Chief Office. It is a common practice and done with impunity. Let the ECDE classroom blocks benefit the intended beneficiaries. The National Government and other stakeholders mandated to construct classroom blocks from Grade one onward should feel challenged and construct the classes. I have no sympathy to see pupils learning under trees or dilapidated classroom blocks. It will a be a clear message that someone is sleeping on his or job!
    Madam Chief Officer; ENFORCE YOUR DIRECTIVE! Tuko nyuma yako!

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