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County Government of Busia

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Photo: Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and his deputy Moses Mulomi (left) during a funds drive in aid of Esikumo Kalinyola Women Group in Bukhayo East Ward.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has told the country leadership not to take cancer menace in the country for granted, noting that the rate at which people are losing lives to the pandemic is alarming.

The Governor on Saturday attended three burials of cancer victims in Teso South, Matayos and Butula Sub Counties and later a funds drive in aid of Esikumo Kalinyola Women Group in Bukhayo East Ward.

 . The first burial was that of Mama Tata Natalia, the mother to his former Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Dr Asoka Itur, who died of brain cancer.

He also attended the burial of Mzee Callisto Polo from Burima village in Matayos South Ward who died from throat cancer and Francis Oyugi from prostate cancer.

The Governor said cancer is becoming the leading disease in the country, a feat that calls for quick intervention by the country leadership to avert this catastrophe

“There is need for proper analysis of various ailments to avoid full blown cancer which is very expensive to treat when detected late,” he said.

Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi said life style diseases including blood pressure, diabetes and cancer are a time bomb in waiting, thus the need for early detection to save lives.

He said the only cure will for cancer is to curb its spread beforehand; this will reduce costs drastically if it was left to reach high levels.

Globally, cancer causes more death than HIV/Aid, TB and Malaria combined. In Kenya, cancer is now the third leading cause of deaths and second among non-communicable diseases amounting to 7% of the overall mortality rate.

Although cancer is curable, unfortunately 70-80% of patients diagnosed with cancer in Kenya are at advanced stages


  1. The County especially the Governor can make real his sentiment on cancer menace by investing more on regular cancer screening which in the long run will be cost effective than discovering it at an advanced stage and becoming extremely difficult to manage. The end result it is a painful death, trauma to the bereaved and poverty stricken bereaved families. Bwana Governor; take the lead, we are fully in support!

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